Green and CLean.

I dream of endless sunflower fields...

I’m a budding plant enthusiast. So when exhibits and events such as the annual Flora Filipina that cater to such audience, I should never let it pass.

Being a tropical country where there is quite a bipolar weather- either too hot, humid, or tropical monsoon washes the landscape, tropical flora has well adapted to these conditions. As such, tropical plants are sturdier, and very beautiful indeed. Diversity can be seen especially on these tropical fauna, from vast shapes, colors, textures, height, and properties, either exotic or endemic. To see a lot of plants would really be overwhelming, not to mention the blooming orchids, from the aromatic sanggumay to the world class waling- waling. Nonetheless I can say that tropical fauna never fails to amazes me- to see such God’s wonder and diversity on a very rich tropical foliage is really beholding.

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